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31 January 2012 @ 11:23 pm
Fic: So Spoke the Wanderer  
Author: rivlee

Title: So Spoke the Wanderer

Rating: R (language, non-explicit sexual situations)

Characters: Leckie (main), ensemble of The Pacific and Band of Brothers. Hoosier/Leckie; Haldane/Hillbilly.

Summary: Bob Leckie’s gone on a long, strange trip to another world. Modern Fantasy AU. Journeys ‘Verse

Disclaimer: This is all fiction based off the characters as portrayed in the HBO mini-series. Quotes contained in the text belong to Barrie, Tolkien, and Pratchett.

A/N: Beta read by canadasuperhero. All remaining mistakes are mine. Longer author’s note here

Parts on lj: 1||2||3.1||3.2||4||5||Notes and Mixes

Parts on Dreamwidth: 1||2||3.1||3.2||4||5||Notes and Mixes