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10 February 2012 @ 01:51 am
Fanfic: Let the Fires Bathe Us (Sledge/Snafu)  
Title:  Let the Fires Bathe Us
Author: someonesgrlbomb
Teaser:  Sledge was trembling angry as he moved his gear into the tent that Snafu had previously claimed on the Marine base of Pavuvu.  It was the same tent Sledge had been unwelcome in as a new replacement a thousand years ago, before Peleliu, where they were returning from.  He wasn’t mad about the tent move.  Of course they would bunk together after Peleliu.
Pairings: Sledge/Snafu, Snafu/OFC, Sledge/Snafu/OFC
Rating: NC-17